Induction into the Jurade of Saint-Emilion!

The year was 1199….
when the Jurade of Saint-Emilion was founded. Temporarily dissolved during the French Revolution, this confrérie was reinstated in 1948 and has since inducted 3,000 individuals from all professions and many countries who have a passion for the wines of Saint Emilion. Their mission is to protect the wine quality and viticulture of Saint-Emilion. And now, as a Dame de la Jurade, I have the great honor and privilege of being one of them!

See more photos and details on the Jurade de Saint Emilion induction in my September 2023 newsletter! Sign up here on my website and join me as I head to Paris to work with a Michelin chef!

I received a beautiful diploma in Latin with a wax stamp as a Dame de la Jurade!

I’m a Summit Expert!

Watch my interview about nourishing the skin inside and out, on the Nourishing Vibrant Health Summit – “How to reclaim vibrant health in the modern world of dis-ease,” airing October 23 to 27, 2023. You can sign up for free and see speakers like Dr. Cate Shanahan, Dr. Bill Schindler, Hilda Labrada Gore, and Sally Fallon Morell. And as a suscriber to my blog, you are the first to have my link to my summit “freebie” on natural skincare right here! To healthy skin!

Amazing Hiking Tour in Switzerland!

My late summer 2023 newsletter covers details of the trip with some beautiful photos — It was an amazing week and I’m planning on doing it again next summer! You will fall in love with the Alps — Find out more information on next year’s tour here – I would love to have you join me for my next hiking and culinary adventures in Switzerland! 


In the meantime, I wanted to add my NEW PODCAST INTERVIEW! Feeling very much out of practice being interviewed, I surprised myself with my ability to articulate my story on the Embassy Wealth podcast, hosted by Tanya Salseth, a former US Foreign Service Officer, about my journey with The Bordeaux Kitchen book, I’m so relieved it turned out decently and that Tanya asked great questions! LISTEN HERE!

NAME DROPPING named me FIRST in their list of “books that built SOS”!! They listed The Bordeaux Kitchen, along with Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, so that pretty much tops it off for me! What an HONOR! Here is what they had to say about my book: 

The Bordeaux Kitchen  Modern & beautifully illustrated breakdown of recipes from across the french countryside, with great narrative introduction on the issues with our food today. Our highest recommendation!

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Summer News: Countdown to Europe, New Product Launches, LIVE Podcast Interview & Steak Tartare Video

I am heading to Europe this month for travel & my long-awaited hiking tour to the Lötschental Valley Switzerland in July 2023 with a small group of women ready for adventure! We have one spot left, for those last-minute planners! I’ll be posting on Instagram and Facebook and will try to send email updates as well…. MORE HERE!

Join me in the Swiss Alps!

Holiday 2022 Newsletter

Please see more in my holiday newsletter…and sign up to receive them in the future…FInd out about my summer in Switzerland, testimonials from my trip to Bordeaux in the fall, and how I am finding grace…

Check out my tours to Switzerland and Bordeaux, come with me!

Fall 2022 Newsletter

Take a peek into my group tours to Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion & Paris as well as my side trip to Dijon for recipes for my NEXT BOOK….

Also check out my TOURS pages to FRANCE and SWITZERLAND!


Once-In-A-Lifetime Tours to Bordeaux & Saint Emillion with Me!

How would you like to go to have an exclusive look at Bordeaux with me? Let me be your Once-In-A-Lifetime guide! I am organizing a September “test run” food and wine cultural tour there with friends and am planning spring and fall 2023 tours. Check out my page about my tours with details and upcoming dates. For September 2022 I still have one spot left!! (This trip will be women-only, but 2023 will be open to men as well. Contact me right away if you are interested!) Meet my friends, picnic at chateaux, stroll through medieval Bordeaux and Saint Emilion, cook with me, learn to make French pastries and desserts, experience the French lifestyle in this once-in-a-lifetime tour with me.
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March 2022 Newsletter

Come to Bordeaux with Me!

Despite all potential hinderances, I am going to try to take myself to Bordeaux in April. I want to gather up a few more recipes with friends for my second book, and also plan FOOD TOURS in Bordeaux for September 2022 and Spring 2023, and Fall 2023. Let me know if you have any interest in a food tour with me and what YOU would like to do and learn on a trip like this, if you could design it for yourself. I will hopefully have more details to share soon.

Ideas include: underground chateau wine cellar tours in St Emilion, walking tours of medieval St. Emilion, walking tours of medieval Bordeaux, including church and cathedral visits, food tour of Bordeaux, chocolate tastings, walking in vineyards, winery tours, French cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, cheese tastings, butchery/meat prep demonstrations, market tours, and how to photograph a beautiful place. There will be time for exploring on your own, journaling, reflection. All the good stuff. It’s a custom, unique opportunity to see my Bordeaux, meet my Bordelais friends, stay in UNESCO’s world heritage site Saint Emilion, and experience the French lifestyle with me….

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December 2021 Newsletter

Fat Loss Part 2: In the last newsletter, I wrote about some weight/fat loss after my trip to Bordeaux. One of my lovely, loyal newsletter readers asked me how she and her girlfriends, not on any specific exercise regime, could work on fat loss without having to take a trip to France. Good question. 

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October 2021 Newsletter

I sent myself to Bordeaux on a mission: to gather recipes and photographs for my next book, video clips for my upcoming online cooking courses (wish me luck), and to remind myself that France was, in fact, still there. How? By reconnecting with my friends there who have become like family to me. I came back inspired and overwhelmed with beautiful material, and with some insights on weight/fat loss (what!?), while having worked on delicious recipes for organ meats (les abats), and a fig tart (video here)… the newsletter here.