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This Is Me With My Mixing Tools

This Is Me With My Mixing Tools

Like everyone else on this planet, I like to consider myself as having something unique to contribute to the world. So what could that unique thing be? I think, therefore I am. Not unique. I speak five languages? Getting there. I have a parasite called Cryptosporidium? Boom! That’s unique! Ugh, it’s also unhealthy and tedious.

Now before you hit the Gong on this blog entry, that reference will date me, I encourage you to read on: I have a unique spin I’d like to share with the world other than that of battling a parasite alone. The spin? Actually, it’s several spins. Here are some key words: ancestral, seasonal, French, recipes and wine pairings. I like to mix language, culture, ingredients, art styles, music, thoughts. I like to meet people, speak their language, and then go home and take a nap.

Some other quick tidbits about me:

I am a mom. I am usually tired. I take pictures when I’m not too tired. I have lived in seven countries longer than two months. I cook to feed my family. I write to soothe my soul. I like sports but sometimes avoid them altogether. I looked Death in the eyes on my 25th birthday and have been on a journey of healing since and even before then. Thanks in part to my ruptured appendix from that time in my life and the ensuing scars, you will not see photos of my abs on this blog. I will try not to complain too much, as those of us sick and tired over-achievers tend to do.

The one place I do still enjoy overachieving is the kitchen. Everywhere else I am trying to underachieve: No activities after school? Check. Saying no to playdates? Check. Use the car as little as possible? Check!

So this blog is an account of my healing journey, recipe by recipe, from people I have met along the way. Living in France for the past two years has given me the unique (there it is!) opportunity to learn recipes from my French friends and acquaintances, to mix them, photograph them and to share them now with you! And plus, without an outlet to share this knowledge and journey, I might go nuts spending so much time in the kitchen.

So by reading this, you are learning along with me and giving me an audience with whom to share and mix! Thank you, and here we go!

Find my photography work at www.taniateschke.com

Twitter @BordeauxKitchen


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