Induction into the Jurade of Saint-Emilion!

The year was 1199….
when the Jurade of Saint-Emilion was founded. Temporarily dissolved during the French Revolution, this confrérie was reinstated in 1948 and has since inducted 3,000 individuals from all professions and many countries who have a passion for the wines of Saint Emilion. Their mission is to protect the wine quality and viticulture of Saint-Emilion. And now, as a Dame de la Jurade, I have the great honor and privilege of being one of them!

The Jurats, among the 140 Local Guardians of the Tradition

Inductees in our capes head into the lovely Church in Saint-Emilion for Catholic Mass and Communion, accompanied by bagpipes and drums

My friend, Edouard Moueix, of Belair Monange and La Fleur-Pétrus, one of the 140 official resident presiding Jurats of Saint-Emilion

The stage where each of the 40 inductees stood, in Saint-Emilion’s moat, on the edge of the UNESCO-protected city walls

I was so honored and deeply touched to be recognized by this prestigious group!

I received a beautiful diploma in Latin with a wax stamp as a Dame de la Jurade!

There was a celebratory lunch following the three hours of ceremony, of squid stuffed with minced pigs feet (right up my organ meats alley!), and pigeon in blueberry sauce, and amazing ganache-chocolate-yogurt for dessert. With each course, the lovely Saint-Emilion wines were brought in with much pomp and circumstance. I got to see some old friends and make new ones — it was a beautiful day!

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