Hike Switzerland with Me in Summer 2023!

Health, Hiking, and Biohacking Summer Retreat
in the Lötschental Valley, Canton of Valais, Switzerland with Tania Teschke and Wise Traditions podcaster Holistic Hilda!

July 15-22, 2023

Discover the majestic alpine beauty and pure traditions of Switzerland’s Lötschental Valley with award-winning cookbook author and wine expert Tania Teschke.  Follow in the footsteps of Dr. Weston A. Price, as you hike the pristine mountain paths and dip into glacial lakes and streams, while discovering how alpine food, water, herbs, and lifestyle builds health and strength.  During the unique 6-day exploration, you’ll stay in a Swiss chalet at 2,000 meters elevation, breathe the unforgettably fresh alpine air, learn and practice biohacking techniques like cold therapy from Holistic Hilda, learn Swiss and French-inspired recipes, dip your feet (or swim) in alpine streams and lakes, learn a few Swiss and French-inspired recipes, visit a local dairy farm, and sample local raw milk cheese, beef sausage, and wild plants, that together with the alpine air and glacial water will bring renewed vitality.  You will come away relaxed, stronger, and inspired!

– Hike through and above the tree-line on alpine mountain trails with Tania as your guide
– Discover the majestic path of an ancient glacier

-Learn about biohacking tips and inspirational talks with Hilda Labrada Gore
– Dip your feet and even swim in glacial lakes and alpine streams
– Learn about alpine herbs and flowers from a local expert
– Discover alpine culture, food, and lifestyle
– Meet a raw milk alpine farmer
– Learn a few Swiss and French-inspired recipes
– Sample restaurants in the Valley (not included in package)
– Stay in a Swiss chalet on the beautiful Lauchernalp (singles, couples, and shared rooms welcome)
-Learn a few phrases in Swiss German and French

Contact Tania for more details: info@bordeauxkitchennaturals.com

See my newsletter about my summer in Switzerland with more photos!