Praise for The Bordeaux Kitchen Book

“Of all the books I’ve been involved with over the past decade, including my own titles, I have to say this one is simply unsurpassed in the level of depth and detail. This book is Tania’s life’s work, and her passion and comprehensive education spills out onto every page. The incredibly informative writing and phenomenal photography was all her, and she went all-in to the extent you rarely encounter.”

— Mark Sisson, bestselling author of The Primal Bluprint and The Keto Reset Diet


“The book is terrific. I have to commend you on its thoroughness and beauty. Mainly, I just want to sit down and start cooking. And eating. I’m not sure what I’ll try first, but possibly the slow roasted leg of lamb.”

–Mark Schatzker, author of The Dorito Effect


“The Bordeaux Kitchen is such a comprehensive book! Beautiful, too. I belong to a non-fiction book club, and I am going to recommend it for our reading list. We haven’t done a cookbook before, but this book goes so far beyond that…part recipes, yes, but also part regional travel study, part food philosophy, part instruction manual for life!!”

–Jennifer Calihan, author of Dinner Plans

“Tania is an old soul who cares deeply about others and nutrition. Her demeanor puts you at ease and her kindness is inspirational. Her debut cookbook reflects all of these things with the added bonus of harvesting her vast knowledge between its pages. Countless photographs and over 200 recipes fill this book but the real value here is Tania’s narrative and her encyclopedic knowledge of the Bordeaux kitchen and nutrition. In addition, the author explains how eating an ancestral diet is healthier than a modern diet that can contain processed foods and harmful chemicals. While delivering dishes that rely on fermented foods, raw food and other techniques that the French have relied on for centuries, Tania’s recipes are still comforting and delicious.  Bone-in prime rib, Pears in butter and cinnamon, and Rosemary pork ribs are a few of the dishes here along with stocks, condiments from scratch, and lots of wine and cheese! It is apparent that Tania invested years and a good portion of her gentle soul into this work and they were very well spent. It’s a beautiful book that every cook should read to soak all things Bordeaux.”

–Jenny Hartin, blogger at Eat Your Books