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Award-Winning Logo! My Bordeaux Kitchen Naturals was a 2020 Graphic Design Award Winner, amidst 10,000 entries! Thank you to my designer Roberta Morris, and again a thanks to the original font/logo creator for the Bordeaux Kitchen book , Caroline DeVita!

As a Wellness, Food and Lifestyle writer for women’s website (see my author page, listing all my articles) at TAFFETA.COM, I have written 24+ articles about French food, wine, and ancestral traditions. The latest ones include: French AppetizersFrench Desserts for the Discerning Palate; and an article on why animal fats are better for us than industrial vegetable oils, What’s the Deal with Salt?How Animals Should Be Raised and Why It’s Important (my plug for Regenerative Agriculture, respecting the animal and the importance of healthy animals for us); and Alternatives Sweeteners 101. Other articles include: A FRENCH Lifestyle for Better Health (you know, it’s those old tenets of French living — getting outside, buying food in-season, cooking your own food, slowing down (with a glass of wine sometimes…); The Art of the MARCHE (how to navigate the French marché — such a joy, ahh nostalgia!); The Secret to Naturally Beautiful Skin: FAT (and I’m talking about the traditional uses of tallow and lard — respecting and using the whole animal — check out my tallow and lard skincare products – yes! – on ETSY — support regenerative agriculture when you use these products from farmers who are actually creating carbon sinks by grass-feeding their animals and creating micro-diverse soil!); I even have an article on SLEEP HACKS I’ve learned in recent years! Wait, there’s more…an article on French Wine & Cheese PAIRINGS! Or how about just FOOD and French Wine Pairings?! Also check out my EPICUREAN’S Guide to Herbs, and my Culinary Gift Guide for FOODIES (which was for Mother’s Day but now you can carry it over to the holidays, or a birthday, why not?) And lastly, if you have the time, my rundown on COOKING SHOWS. Whew!….AND in case you missed these articles, check out: saving old wine, getting back in the kitchen, cooking shows, bone broth, baconhow French women stay slim, utensils and ingredients every chef needs, living and cooking secrets of our ancestors, and even how to throw a dinner French style (once we are free from “social distancing” again!)


Cory Heyman of the “Make It and Sell It” podcast, who kindly interviewed me recently about the Bordeaux Kitchen Naturals skincare line on Etsy. In a subsequent podcast episode, Cory interviewed Lygeia Ricciardi, a long-time friend of mine, who has followed my art for the past couple of decades, and who graciously offered commentary on the book, the products, and being a customer of mine! Do have a listen to The Weston A. Price Foundation’s “Wise Traditions” podcast with Host Holistic Hilda interviewing me about what we can learn from the French with regard to cooking and lifestyle. It was recorded pre-covid but is as relevant today as ever! Hear my two sponsored ads for my products, at the beginning of two of the The Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions podcast: FIRST ad and SECOND ad during their health freedom series of podcasts.

Press Appearances

US Wellness Meats generously featured another recipe from The Bordeaux Kitchen book: Garlic & Rosemary Lamb (pictured above). This year, they have also featured my Spider Steak with Orange and Honey Glazed Pork Belly recipes from the book.


In March I escaped to France and back just before the curtain came down on international travel. I was in Antibes and made recipes with my longtime friend and chef, Tony Mellili, and the book that one of the recipes appeared in was just published: IT TAKES GUTS, by Ashleigh Vanhouten. The recipe (which I photographed in Antibes) is a Provençale Beef Cheek Stew, made with red wine. Délicieux!

September 2020

My article on How Animals Should be Raised and Why It’s Important

August 2020

What’s The Deal with Salt article

USWM featured recipe Spider Steak with Orange

May 2020

New Cooking, Lifestyle, and Wellness Articles every other week at

Article on Mother’s Day Culinary Gift Ideas 

April 2020

Article on Cooking Shows!

An Epicurean’s Guide to Herbs Article

My latest article on the call to get back into the kitchen, especially now, when we actually don’t have a choice anyway!

March 2020

My friends at Bordeaux Travel Guide gave The Bordeaux Kitchen book a generous mention as a way of virtually visiting Bordeaux and French Southwest cuisine!

I’m a big fan of US Wellness Meats for providing people with grassfed meats and offal, and supporting regenerative agriculture. As a former Featured Chef of theirs, the gave the Bordeaux Kitchen book a mention in their list of Paleo Cookbooks.

A few ideas I put together on working from home with everybody under one roof, in the times of the Corona virus.

Here is a “wellness” article I wrote in which we take a few tips from our ancestors (such as going low-tech in the kitchen, getting outside, minimalism, and more!)

Another “food” article I wrote related to wellness and being resourceful in the times of La Corona: Making Bone Broth at Home!

My “wellness” article for on eating BACON for health! So many readers are relived to hear they can eat bacon! We eat it almost daily!

February 2020

Here is my second “food” article for on Tips from The Bordeaux Kitchen: What Every Chef Needs

My first “wellness” article for on  Farm Fats: How French Women Stay Slim

January 2020

My first “food and lifestyle” article for on How to Throw a Dinner Party French Style! The BIO on me lists all the articles I’ve written for them.

I am interviewed on Holistic Hilda’s YouTube channel about The Bordeaux Kitchen on What the French Know that We Don’t!

December 2019

UPCOMING BOOK: Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns have written Keto for Life, to which I contributed editing time and more importantly, 10 recipes inspired by The Bordeaux Kitchen, along with wine pairings….available December 31st!

Hot off the press is EPIC Provision’s IMPACT Journal 2019 edition, with my article, a recipe (Venison Steaks!)  and photos on Swiss hunter Martin Baumann and his dogs, as well as his approach to hunting and environmental balance.

My long-time sponsor, US Wellness Meats, featured my Whole Stuffed Duck recipe in their weekly newsletter, which has 90,000 subscribers!

November 2019

I contributed an editorial review to the back cover of Audrey Le Goff’s lovely book, Rustic French Cooking Made Easy, (the review made the top lines of the back cover and on her book’s Amazon page, right below the editorial review of Publisher’s Weekly!

October 2019

I received a lovely editorial review from French cookbook author and founder of the La Varenne cooking school, Anne Willan, now visible on my Amazon page for the book.

September 2019

My editor and podcaster extraordinaire, Brad Kearns featured some of my organ meats photos in his new line of supplements (scroll to the bottom of his page). Also, he interviewed me on his podcast “Get Over Yourself:” Part 1 and Part 2, where I talk about living in Europe, differences between the American and European cultures, bringing up children in Europe, and the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies (like wifi, cell phones, “smart” meters), artificial lighting and flicker, blue light from screens, and more.

July 2019

AWARD! Finalist in the Food Culture Gourmand Awards 2019 for French Cookbooks!

May 2019

The Spring 2019 issue of Bordeaux J’adore Lifestyle Magazine featured half a page on me and The Bordeaux Kitchen book and half a page to my fantastic illustrator, Bordelais Arnaud Faugas! A big thanks to writer Suzanne and editor Marie-Luce Ribot of Sud-Ouest for this lovely coverage!

The Spring issue of Tufts Magazine published a nice review of The Bordeaux Kitchen book. Thank you very much to editor Courtney Hollands!

During Vinexpo, Denis Saverot of La Revue du Vin de France posted on Instagram a nice story about my health journey from being a vegetarian to understanding the role that meat, fresh produce, and good wines play in a healthy diet à la française!

Here is the link to my appearance in the EPIC Impact Journal 2018 , where I contributed a recipe (Chicken Liver Dip, pages 38-39) with new photos, and with a recipe originally from The Bordeaux Kitchen book.

April 2019

The April/May 2019 issue of Paleo Magazine featured a stellar review of The Bordeaux Kitchen book — a full page feature! A big thanks to Paleo Magazine writer and podcaster Ashleigh VanHouten for this stellar coverage!

I am very pleased to announce that The Bordeaux Kitchen book has been nominated for a GOURMAND International Cookbook Award! Results will be made public in Macao in July!

March 2019

Cover photo and article in The Foreign Service Journal March issue: “Ancestral Food Traditions for Modern Foreign Service Life” (online version here)

January & February 2019

The Winter 2018 edition of Fletcher Magazine of my graduate school alma mater, The Fletcher School, kindly gave The Bordeaux Kitchen book a half page positive review (see p. 35 of the magazine).

The Bordeaux Kitchen got another generous review in the widely distributed French wine magazine for Bordeaux vintners, Union Girondine des Vins de Bordeaux, in the Bibliography section.

December 2018

Listed as one of 7 books this season for the French food lover in your life at the Pardon Your French blog!

Wonderful article by the French blogger based in Bordeaux Papilles et Pupilles.

Instagram post by Sud Ouest Gourmand Magazine: “…un précieux travail pour rassembler les recettes et l’histoire des produits de la région. « The Bordeaux Kitchen » édité aux US et à Londres, est une somme de culture et un beau livre de gastronomie (elle fait ses photos!)”

I contributed my chicken liver dip recipe (an original from my good friend Malika Faytout of Château Lescaneaut) and photos to the 2018 EPIC Impact Journal.

Blog post by Bordeaux Expats announcing my December Bordeaux event.

November 2018

Latest Podcast Interview on the Primal Blueprint Podcast with Publisher and Podcaster Brad Kearns on Healthy Eating, Parenting and More!

The Brown Alumni Magazine has featured The Bordeaux Kitchen in a little blurb called, “GO AHEAD, USE LARD”!

The Foreign Service Journal has listed The Bordeaux Kitchen in its “In Their Own Write” section of the magazine (scroll to the bottom of the page), with a nice mention as well in the editor’s opening comments.

Great TWEET by New York Times Bestselling author of The Big Fat Surprise, Nina Teicholz, in support of The Bordeaux Kitchen book!

The Bordeaux Kitchen  7-hour Pyrénées Leg of Lamb recipe is featured on the US Wellness Meats Blog!

Mention in professional photography magazine PDN for translating another photographer’s award winning grant proposal from French into English.

October 2018

See the nice mention in the Bordeaux Gazette during my visit to Bordeaux and the wine museum in Bordeaux, La Cité du Vin, which will be selling The Bordeaux Kitchen book!

September 2018

View the September 2018 Newsletter

Photo District News (PDN) Article on The Bordeaux Kitchen!

Feature (in French) on French Morning Magazine!

Special chef post with my events on the US Wellness Meats blog — my gracious sponsors for three of my events!

See the Lovely Post and Giveaway (for US and Canada) of The Bordeaux Kitchen book, offered by Eat Your Books! Listed under “Books By Fletcher Women” in the Fletcher Women’s Network! And a nice mention on The Kind Bar blog by my friend, Daniel Lubetzky, author of Do the KIND Thing.

August 2018

View the August 2018 Newsletter

Photo District News (PDN), September 2018 Issue: “How I Published a Book — Tania Teschke: The Bordeaux Kitchen — An American ex-pat relies on an extensive network of personal connections to produce, publish and market a 650-page French cookbook. By David Walker PDN September 2018 TBK Article

Eat Your Books Blog’s heartfelt post on The Bordeaux Kitchen

July 2018

View the Inaugural July Newsletter!

PODCAST Interview

PODCAST Interview

Mark’s Daily Apple Blog Podcast Link:

June 2018

Roquefort Sirloin Steak Recipe on US Wellness Meats

Post on French online boutique wine purveyor 20h33

Guest Post on Mark Sisson’s “Mark’s Daily Apple” Blog: Introducing The Bordeaux Kitchen: A Masterwork of French Food, Wine, and Culture Wine — “Unplugging from Fast Food Culture, French Style”

Bordeaux Wine Guest Post on Grok Nation Blog


Eat Your Books Coverage:

Video Link to NYC Book Launch:

May 2018

April 2018

Brown University Women’s Leadership Newsletter

Eat Your Books Featured Cookbooks and Recipes 

August 2016

US Wellness Meats Featured Chef

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