March 2022 Newsletter

Come to Bordeaux with Me!

Despite all potential hinderances, I am going to try to take myself to Bordeaux in April. I want to gather up a few more recipes with friends for my second book, and also plan FOOD TOURS in Bordeaux for September 2022 and Spring 2023, and Fall 2023. Let me know if you have any interest in a food tour with me and what YOU would like to do and learn on a trip like this, if you could design it for yourself. I will hopefully have more details to share soon.

Ideas include: underground chateau wine cellar tours in St Emilion, walking tours of medieval St. Emilion, walking tours of medieval Bordeaux, including church and cathedral visits, food tour of Bordeaux, chocolate tastings, walking in vineyards, winery tours, French cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, cheese tastings, butchery/meat prep demonstrations, market tours, and how to photograph a beautiful place. There will be time for exploring on your own, journaling, reflection. All the good stuff. It’s a custom, unique opportunity to see my Bordeaux, meet my Bordelais friends, stay in UNESCO’s world heritage site Saint Emilion, and experience the French lifestyle with me….

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