Once-In-A-Lifetime Tour of Bordeaux with Me!

Let me be your Once-In-A-Lifetime Tour Guide!!

I am planning FOOD TOURS in FOOD TOURS in Bordeaux/Saint Emilion for September 2022, Spring 2023, and Fall 2023.  (Dates for Spring (April-May) and Fall (September-October) 2023 coming soon! Check back here for details.)

September-October 2022 Bordeaux Food Tour with Tania Teschke, staying in World Heritage Village of Saint Emilion – 24-30 September:

This is a custom, unique opportunity to experience see my Bordeaux during six unforgettable days in this rare opportunity to be an insider into the world of food, wine, history and culture in Saint Emilion and Bordeaux. You will come away relaxed, refreshed, and with a renewed spirit! Join me in meeting some of France’s best winemakers, culinary artisans, and local experts, who will share their passion and knowledge with you!

Each guest will have her own beautifully appointed French country room (minimum 5 guests). (Options for one shared room.) Experience an underground chateau wine cellar tour in St Emilion (in English), a historical walking tour of St. Emilion (in English), an historical walking tour of medieval and modern Bordeaux (in English), including church and cathedral visits, a chocolate tasting, walking in vineyards, winery tours, French culinary demonstrations in English, wine tastings in English, a chocolate and wine tasting, a cheese tasting lunch, a pastry making workshop, a tour of a covered market, a chateau “harvest” lunch, two chateaux picnics, sunrise walks, and how to photograph a beautiful place. There will be time for exploring on your own, journaling, reflection. And time off as needed. Guests are welcome to offer a talk or an activity (yoga, workout) to the group, we can plan optional things in or leave them spontaneous and flexible. Home base will be in the Pomoeria Villa in the UNESCO World Heritage village of Saint Emilion.