Favorites and Resources

Below is a list of favorite kitchen items of mine. (Disclaimer: I’m an Amazon Affiliate, so if a link takes you to Amazon, if you make a purchase, I get a few pennies to put toward keeping this site running – it’s a win for all! I do not receive anything from the other establishments or links, unless specifically noted.)

 Kitchen Items:

28 cm round Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven (I have a red one, which I use for my bone broths, great size for up to 2 chicken carcasses plus lots of other bones.)

27 cm oval Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven (Again, I have this one in red, great for braising a pork shoulder or brewing a small batch of bone broth with room for one chicken carcass and some bones. The oval size is very traditional, as it matches the oval shape of rabbit and fowl carcasses for cooking them whole. It’s a beautiful serving dish for the dining table.)

26 cm round Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven (I have this one in dark blue and it is gorgeous! Also great for pork shoulder or beef cheeks, feeding a 4-5 person family.

Le Creuset Mini Cocottes


Demeyere Pans


Bordeaux Addresses

Artiga — Made in France colorful Linen, Cotton, Tableware, and Cookware from the Southwest

Atelier des Chefs

Bordeaux Food Tour

Brasserie Bordelaise

Cité du Vin

Culinarion (Kitchenware sold here, such as Demeyere, Le Creuset and Staub)

Biocoop Cauderan

Biocoop Judaique

Duberne Restaurant

L’Orangerie at Jardin Publique

Le Poulailler d’Augustin

Mama Shelter Rooftop Bar

Truck de Chef (Food Truck by Chef Fred!)

St. James Cooking School

22 Bordeaux B&B

Uncorked Wine Tours (Bespoke Wine Tours in France, Tuscany and Porto)


Southern France

Ardèche, Southeastern France Lagorce Rocks Paleo Guest House in the South of France


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